Here are some videos you may have missed from my YouTube channel!

How to Figure You Out

Where You're Standing
Where You're Standing was inspired by a situation a friend of mine was in. It will be featured on the Towns EP

Shine is a Soul influenced love song. I admire the romantic lyrics and sentiment of traditional Soul music and wanted to create a song inspired by that in my own Country/Folk style.

Big Name in a Small Town
This song is a fun song about choosing to do what you love over what seems more realistic. It will be on my second EP so give it a listen and keep an eye out for it!

I wrote this song for my best friend. It's a message to anyone who feels like they won't succeed at what they want to do. You never know what you're capable of until you try.

Words Fade Away
This song goes out to anyone who, like me, feels like if someone doesn't like you, you should change their mind. I wrote this song as a way of telling myself that if someone has decided they don't like you, nothing you say will change that. Yeah, that one person doesn't like you but someone else probably thinks you're wonderful so it doesn't matter. 

Anyone But You and Me

This song is a simple, fun love song I wrote. I wanted to make a song that referenced various famous couples from Johnny and June to Daenerys and Khal Drogo. I suppose the gist of the song is that all these couples are just the same as any other two people who fall in love. It's universal.  

I wrote Queen towards the end of 2014 and it is one of my favourite songs I've written! This song is about those people who try to make themselves seem higher up by trying to make other people seem smaller. 

Lighthouse is very much a love song. I also was fascinated by the song, "The Lighthouse's Tale" by Bluegrass trio, Nickel Creek, which inspired the title of the song. 

Break The Rules
This song is about the rules and guidelines for relationships people try to set. It's about how love has no rules, it isn't meant to be controlled like that. Love is Tornado Strong and will very much do what it wants. So enjoy getting swept away! :)

I wrote this song during a 14-hour coach trip from Manchester to Cornwall (changing coaches at Birmingham, Plymouth, Bristol, ultimately taking us on a road trip through the country). I was with my friend, Emma and we were talking about sirens, as in the mythical creatures that are a more intense version of a mermaid. I decided to write a song about them and Sirens was the result. 

This was the second video I ever uploaded to YouTube. Inspired by a situation a friend was in at the time, this song is ultimately about someone who is letting go of what has been holding them back, be it a person or an obstacle they were facing? That's for you to decide :)

Tornado Strong (Performed by Chasing Avalanches)
The song that started it all... and also the first of my songs I ever played live. Hope you enjoy this one!